How to Look Great in Front of the Camera

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November 28, 2015
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How to Look Great in Front of the Camera

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I was inspired to write this blog after a recent collaboration with videographer Mark Harman from Red Books Productions based in Hampshire. As well as helping businesses stand out with creative video content Mark helps individuals harness the power of video to grow their business through his Video Tool Kit. So when Mark asked me to give his clients some tips on how to look best in front of the video camera I off course said yes. You can watch the video here along with detailed makeup tips below.

For over 6 months I have been working with TV Training Academy based at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire helping their clients on TV presenter course look the best in front of the camera, so I knew what works and make you look absolute best.

These days with social media at its peak we are all exposed to more videos and high definition pictures. Also, when I work with brides I am always mindful not only how the bridal makeup will look on the of the wedding but also how it will look on the photographs and on a video.

A little makeup can go a long way when getting ready for video, photo shoot or a wedding day. Makeup can instantly change not only the way you look but the way you feel about yourself. Makeup done right can give you confidence not just in front of the camera but in a day to day life. I have seen this many of times, especially when doing makeup for headshots with Jon Bradley Business Photography on their PopUP Portraits Day events. Women that don’t have makeup done, tends to slouch, look serious and want to get the shoot out of the way. But as soon as I apply makeup women feel more relaxed, shoulders go back, and they look at the camera with confidence.

Don’t be afraid of makeup, play with it, do what makes you feel confident. If you like wearing red lipstick then wear it, and if you want it more natural than that’s fine too, there are no rules!

So here are my top 5 tips for applying makeup for the camera:

  1. Prep your skin before hand. Drink plenty of water. On the day moisturise and prep skin with a primer such as Arbonne Makeup Primer, it will make your skin feel super smooth, help the makeup go on perfectly, minimise the pores and help makeup last longer.
  1. Your foundation must be an exact colour match to your skin and blend it well with a sponge, like Beauty Blender or the best makeup brush you can afford, I love Zoeva and Morphe. As for foundation invest in a good liquid foundation such as Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation. Try to stay away from powder foundations as they can settle into fine lines. And if need to apply a thin layer of concealer such as Tarte Aquasealer Concealer which is cooling and moisturising, but remember less is more so it doesn’t settle into fine lines.
  1. Draw attention to either eyes or lips but not both. Strip lashes are great for defining the eyes but can be tricky to apply. A thin black eyeliner is a great way to open up and define the eyes. Liquid or gel liners such as Tarte Micro Liner will give great depth of colour and definition. As for lips go for a lipstick that is one shade brighter than your natural lip colour. I prefer lipsticks to glosses can look very shiny on the camera, Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick has a perfect moisturising formula and a great selection of natural shades.
  1. Blusher is a must! Lights can make you look washed out if you have a pale complexion. Remember blend, blend, blend and try to stay away from shimmery shades. Corals and pinks look great on most skin tones.
  1. Matte is always better than shimmer. Translucent powders such as Arbonne Translucent Loose Powder are great, they are colourless and they will take away the shine, whilst making your makeup look flawless and last all day infant of the camera!
  1. Yes, Men need makeup too! A touch of concealer will go a long way and will give the appearance of a healthy look. Using Tinted Moisturiser will even out the skin tone and improve the completion. Translucent powder is a must to take away any shine. Grooming of the eyebrows with an Eyebrow Pencil or a Brow Gel will give an appearance of tidy and defined look. And again, blusher is essential!

So whether you need to look like the most beautiful version of yourself in front of the camera, video, wedding day, special occasion or a selfie don’t fret as that’s what I am here for!

Stay Beautiful!



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