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November 28, 2015
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Get The Autumn Look With Arbonne Cosmetics

Autumn look Full

Now that summer has finally left us behind and autumn has set in, it’s time to ditch the fresh bright eye shadows and start experimenting with more subtle makeup tones. I’ve been playing around with a few different looks for this autumn, and these three have to be my favourite. So if you want to show off some style this autumn, why not try out one of these looks?


Flawless Autumn Eyes

Autumn look Full

I absolutely love this look, and it’s actually become my ‘go to’ look for everyday wear. The whole look makes me think of a warm mocha on a cold day while watching the leaves blow down the street. I’ve used a variety of Arbonne products to get this look, all of which are available to buy directly from myself or from the Arbonne website. Once I had applied my base makeup I started on my eyebrows. I have my eyebrows plucked to keep them in the shape I like, but because I am fair-haired they need a little help standing out. I line my brows with Toffee eyeliner and fill them in with Sand eyeshadow to give them a nice defined shape. For the eyes I used 4 different eyeshadow shades: Linen, Suede, Java and Cabernet, layering them up from lightest to darkest and blending in the corners to create this beautiful smoky look. Then all it takes is a sharp cats eye and some black mascara and you have delicious smouldering eyes. To make sure I get a sharp cats eye, I dip a tapered cotton bud in some makeup remover and tidy up the edges, or use my tweezers and a makeup wipe. To finish the face I use a light coating of Sunset blusher on my cheeks and forehead, and lined my lips with Mocha lip liner, finishing it all off with makeup sealer. I like to leave my lips matte in this look because it looks more natural and stays far longer than a gloss colour.


10-Minute Makeup 

Sometimes you just don’t have time to sit and perfect your cats eyes or blend your eyeshadow as well as you would like. But rather than running out of the house bare faced, I’ve come up with this great 10 minute makeup look. It’s a basic look that covers up any blemishes and adds a bit of colour to your eyes. It’s quite close to a ‘nude’ makeup look, and is perfect for those ‘I overslept!’ moments. I used the same products as my flawless autumn eyes look, and a bit of base makeup as well. I used my CC cream and cream concealer to get my skin looking even and cover up a few little blemishes, lined and filled my eyebrows and applied a light blend of my 4 eyeshadow colours. The eyeshadow blending is what takes a lot of time in my flawless autumn look, so to speed it up I only used the first 3 shades very lightly, just to give my lids some colour. I didn’t line or fill my lips with this look either, instead opting for a Terra gloss to finish the look. And that’s it! In just 10 minutes you can be ready to dash out of the door looking fabulous. You can also ‘upgrade’ this look to the full version or add a bit of colour if you are going out in the evening without much hassle, making it the perfect daytime makeup look.

Add Some Sparkle…


Autumn eyes sparkle

If you’re going out for the evening or frequenting the Christmas work do’s, you might want something a little more glamorous. This look builds on the basics of the autumn eye palette, but adds a little bit of sparkle to any outfit. For this I used the sugar plum baked eyeshadow from Arbonne, combined with some black liquid eyeliner and the ‘It’s A Long Story’ purple mascara. The golden brown colour for the inner lids gives depth and highlights hooded eyes, while the purple edges make your eyes look bigger and makes a nice bright contrast. It’s also a great Christmassy look that edges away from the traditional greens and reds, which might look great on a tree but rarely look good on your eyes! This look works really well if you have darker eyes, but if you have lighter or blue eyes like mine you could swap it for a dusky blue or even a sparkly turquoise to make your eyes pop.

I’ll keep posting makeup tips and tricks on this blog every month, so just keep coming back to see what I’m up to! If you have any questions about the looks I’m doing, products I’m using or want to learn how to do these looks yourself, just get in touch and we can get started.

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